The first time I was introduced to Cheese Straws was in 1958 in the kitchen of a family that my Grandmother worked for as a maid.  She made these Cheese Straws every year during the holidays.  When she retired, she continuously made the Cheese Straws for her former employer and their friends.  I would always help her in the kitchen while she would perform this task. One year she became sick and couldn't make them so she taught me the recipe so she could still have them available for the holidays.  I made these Cheese Straws for her for the next few years that she survived.  She always told me to continue this, but I was young and didn't see the value in the proceeding.  

Several years later while working at a Hospital, there was a bake sale as a fundraiser for the children.  I just made some Cheese Straws to add to the fundraiser.  After the program, I was asked by several people to sale them some of my Cheese Straws.  I had no idea how to charge, or what to do to make them of value. I began making them and they sold very quickly.  I continued to make them through trial and tribulation, each year my sales grew more and more.  Finally, I made the decision to become a company and sell this product to the public.  The rest is history.

What makes my Cheese Straws different is they are light and fluffy, not hard and crunchy like the ones I've tried in the grocery stores, also I use a cookie press to make the shapes different from other products I've tested.

My husband is a diabetic and he loves my Cheese Straws, so it bothered me that this product would be a danger to his health.  After conferring with his Doctors this product had little to no effect on his blood sugar, but just in case I still won't let him eat a lot of them because he's almost addicted to them.

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